entering the good music remix contest...

1. download the good music acapella tracks

2. create your remixes and upload them to your SoundCloud or YouTube channel

3. send links to:


with the subject line:


all entries due by 9/2/2019

you may submit more than 1 remix, but no more than 3.

winner gets a copy of IT monoply!

entries received
(updated periodically)

Nuggetz (doughy remix)
Oh Thomas - C3PO (Remix)
C3po Zunoksu Remix
David Shire - Funky Cold McNugget
David Shire - Scummmbop (v1)
#Mcchrisisgoodmusic (ludosmo Breakbeat Remix)
bedo duba - Good Music Bedo Remix
ghost forever - Gordita Crunch
DJ Mashbot - #mcchrisisgoodmusic (Mashbot Remix)
The Real Christopher B. Howard - Gordita Crunch Remix
nils h. - scumlicking