the mc chris podcast

the mc chris podcast

Adult Swim icon MC Chris recorded fifty podcasts in front of a live audience during his 2019 tour of the United States. He interviews his fans, plays a little trivia and digs deep for local tales of history, murder and scandal.

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ep. 7: Out and About with Patient Zero | mp3 | youtube

M.C. tours Harney & Sons tea factory ( to taste tea and discuss Robert Fortune and the history of tea, oxidization, sweeteners, Jessica Jones, Captain Phasma and Syndrome.

ep. 6: Nerf Vortex | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Brooklyn, NY to discuss El Salvador, Castlevania and Chiptune.

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ep. 5: Step Away from the Canvas | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Baltimore, MD to discuss John Waters, the mc chris cartoon, Junior High, poetry and Pokémon.

ep. 4: there's a storm | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Pittsburgh, PA to discuss ghost hunting, Shiloh, apple watches and why Empire Strikes Back sucks.

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ep. 3: ghost of a jeep | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Pontiac, MI to discuss Borderlands, being bipolar, Jack Herer and Downton Abbey. *John Sayles not J.D. Salinger

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ep. 2: gobots and nobody | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Chicago and discusses Spider-Man on ps4, Man Who Laughs, catholic school, super bowl 85, and great america.

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ep. 1: valid qualms | mp3 | youtube

M.C. visits Indianapolis and discusses Men in Black International and why being fifteen sucks.